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I never liked reading to be honest. Not throughout school at least. It was always felt like a chore. Homework and projects never seemed to fulfill what I wanted to get from a book. Because of that I have searched to try and find what I like. Something I can connect to.

Now I not only know what I enjoy but I create it. I write specifically to bring people into a world they may not understand but can surely find pieces of themselves. Life has many levels of understanding oneself. I encourage you to read about me and the others I write about to find yourself.


Time and again I have seen people

carry something heavy in their hearts.

Something that has limited their ability

to be at peace with the world and themselves.  

I dream of a world filled with community

and understanding. A world at peace.

A world where we are perfect because

we see each others wounds and help heal them.


In our world people go through tremendously different experiences. Because of this our worlds feel completely separate. As if what we believe and experience doesn't matter to anyone else.

I want to communicate those expressions through stories to help those people that feel so far away understand you. In turn I ask you try to understand their world that seems so far fetched.

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 I write my emotions in poems.

I write stories inspired by those around me.

I write for that kid who's been

through so much they can't remember.

For that person who feels hopeless.


Through these projects I want you

to be inspired to do something.

I want you to love yourself.

Learn to love yourself. I mean truly

love yourself. Accept the things about yourself that may be hard to face.

Be vulnerable with yourself.

I want you to see yourself and others

in the stories I write and realize there are

people in this world going through similar feelings and situations.

Let go of the things you may carry.

Learn to completely enjoy life for what it is. Life.

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